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# Version 1.1
# Version 1.2
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......@@ -96,10 +96,17 @@ libre start
To install application `wordpress` on ``, first make point to your server IP, and then, just run:
libre provision -a -u -s
libre provision -a wordpress -u -s
Run `libre provision` for more details on the capabilities of the script.
- -u [arg] URL to process. Required.
- -a [arg] Application to install. (wordpress in REPO_MODE)
- -t [arg] Checkout a specific tag or branch from the application repo. default to master
- -e [arg] Specify the email of the application admin
- -s Start the application right away.
- -b Buys the associated domain name.
- -i Configure OpenDKIM.
- -c Configures DNS if possible.
## To debug a module or an application:
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