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document migration format for Known

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# IndieHosters migration format, version 0.2.1
# IndieHosters migration format, version 0.2.2
When a user exports their data for, they get a zip or tar file that contains different files, depending on which application is
running on their domain:
......@@ -22,3 +22,12 @@ running on their domain:
* wordpress/login.txt - username and password for the WordPress admin panel
* wordpress/.htaccess - htaccess file for WordPress
* wordpress/wp-content - php files to be placed in the web root
## If using the 'Known' application
* TLS/ - Concatenation of the unencrypted private and public key of the TLS certificate, and intermediate CA cert if applicable.
* mysql/dump.sql - the dump of all their MySQL databases
* mysql/.env - contains the MySQL password
* known/ - php files to be placed in the web root
* known/.env - contains the MySQL password
* known/login.txt - email address and password for the Known admin panel
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