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A PaaS that is aimed at hosting free software \o/
To install it, follow instructions in `INSTALL.nd`.
To install it, follow instructions in ``.
## Modular
### What is LibrePaaS
LibrePaaS is a little framework to host Docker. It is simple and modular and respect the convention over configuration paradigm.
This is aimed at Hosters to manage a huge amount of different web application, and a quantity of domain names related with emails and so on.
It is currently installed at 3 different hosters in production and hosting ~20 different web applications, with ~500 containers.
Once well installed, in one bash command, you'll be able to:
- buy a domain name
- configure DNS for it
- configure email for it
- configure dkim for that domain
- configure dmarc for that domain
- configure autoconfig for that domain
- install and start a web application on that domain (WordPress, Nextcloud, piwik...)
- provision a TLS cert on that domain
Amazing, right?
### Modular
The PaaS is really modular, that's why it contains the strict necessary, then you'll probably want to add `system` modules or `applications`.
It contains 2 [unit-files]( to manage system modules and applications, start them at boot, and load the appropriate environment.
## System modules
Here is a list of modules supported:
- [HAProxy](
- https proxy:
- [HAProxy](
- [Nginx](
- [git-puller](
- [backups](
- [sshd](
- [pull-backups](
Go to their respective page for more details.
To install and start a module:
### To install and start a module:
cd /system/
git clone module
cd module
systemctl enable s@module
systemctl start s@module
### To debug a module:
docker-compose ps
docker-compose logs
## Applications
## Application modules
### Installation
To install application `wordpress` on ``, just run:
To install application `wordpress` on ``, first make point to your server IP, and then, just run:
provision -a -u -s
......@@ -39,6 +75,16 @@ provision -a -u -s
Run `provision` for more details on the capabilities of the script.
### debug an application
docker-compose ps
docker-compose logs
## Contributing
If you have any issue (something not working, missing doc), please do report an issue here! Thanks
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