Commit 873418e2 authored by Pierre Ozoux's avatar Pierre Ozoux

universal restart command!

parent 5fcd6369
domain=`pwd | cut -d'/' -f4`
systemctl `basename "$0"` u@$domain
command=`basename "$0"`
first_level_path=`pwd | cut -d'/' -f2`
second_level_path=`pwd | cut -d'/' -f3`
if [ "$first_level_path" == "system" ]; then
module=`pwd | cut -d'/' -f3`
systemctl $command s@$module
elif [ "$first_level_path" == "data" ]; then
if [ "$second_level_path" == "domains" ]; then
domain=`pwd | cut -d'/' -f4`
systemctl $command u@$domain
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