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This repository contains the configuration and scripts I use to control my servers.
There is no documentation yet, work in progress. If you want to use this repo, please send me an email.
### Tests
There is a script that provision 2 VMs on Vutlr for tests purpose.
#### Prerequisites
- have a [vultr account](
- have a [VULTR API KEY](
- have the [port 25 open]( (if you want to test emails)
- have an [ssh key registered](
#### Start tests
/!\ This is still in dev, use it at your own risk /!\
./script/ #need root access to modify your /etc/hosts
ssh root@server.test
cd /data/indiehosters
ssh root@server.test
./script/ #need root access to modify your /etc/hosts
Most of the tests are "visual", but by reading them, it gives you an idea on how to start and stop services.
This is still work in progress, please feel free to contribute to it!
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