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explain how to see the applications with your browser

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......@@ -27,11 +27,23 @@ cd /data/indiehosters
ssh root@server.test
# find out WordPress password:
journalctl -u web@*.test | grep to\ connect\ test
# find out piwik and owncloud password:
journalctl -u web@*.test | grep \'\>\>\ generated
Most of the tests are "visual", but by reading them, it gives you an idea on how to start and stop services.
Before running `./scripts/`, you can use your browser to see the applications:
* https://wordpress.test/ user: pass: as found with journalctl before
* https://owncloud.test/ user: pass: as found with journalctl before
* https://piwik.test/ user: pass: as found with journalctl before
* https://static.test/ (you will simply see the contents of server.test:/data/domains/static.test/static/www-content/index.html)
* https://known.test/ (you will be able to create a user there)
This is still work in progress, please feel free to contribute to it!
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