Commit dce1ce87 authored by JOduMonT's avatar JOduMonT Committed by Pierre Ozoux

I add zerotier as network solution (#172)

to building a zerotier network it's very simple
but not necessary decentralize
also; for now, zerotier don't manage NS
but for communication over IP; it kick some ass ;)
parent b41c8f33
......@@ -48,7 +48,8 @@ There are already some work done on it like the [ceph-docker](
Another big challenge is network. k8s is strongly opiniated on what should be the network configuration.
Ideally, we would use some IPsec to secure the links between machine in a context we can't trust the network (like at hetzner).
There are 2 options:
There are 3 options:
- zerotier
- tinc vpn
- flannel that might implement IPsec in a near future
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