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librehosters is a <a href="">network</a> of <a href="">cooperation</a> and <a href="">solidarity</a> that uses <a href="">free software</a> to encourage <a href="">decentralisation</a> through <a href="">federation</a> and <a href="">distributed platforms</a>. Our values connect <a href="">transparency</a>, <a href="">fairness</a> and <a href="">privacy</a> with a culture of <a href="">data portability</a> and <a href="">public contributions to the commons</a>.
librehosters is a <span>network</span> of <span>cooperation</span> and <span>solidarity</span> that uses <span>free software</span> to encourage <span>decentralisation</span> through <span>federation</span> and <span>distributed platforms</span>. Our values connect <span>transparency</span>, <span>fairness</span> and <span>privacy</span> with a culture of <span>data portability</span> and <span>public contributions to the commons</span>.
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