Commit 174a83d6 authored by Pierre Ozoux's avatar Pierre Ozoux

Merge branch 'knowsLanguage' into 'develop'

Uses a supported field for languages.

See merge request !1
parents 0515ead6 84be1855
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
"homeUrl" : "https://librehoster.example",
"logo" : "https://librehoster.example/logo.png",
"description": "libre service provider",
"communicationLanguages": ["en", "fr", "nl"],
"knowsLanguage": ["en", "fr", "nl"],
"contactUrl": "https://librehoster.example/contact",
"privacyPolicyUrl" : "https://librehoster.example/policy/privacy",
"termsOfServiceUrl" : "https://librehoster.example/policy/tos",
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