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## Roadmap
- 1st of July full stack alpha
- 1st of September full stack alpha
- Nextcloud operator
- RocketChat operator
- discourse operator
- release name - Louise Michel
- 1st of October
- 1st of January
- graduate Nextcloud operator to Beta
- graduate RocketChat operator to Beta
- graduate the documentation of to Beta
- discourse operator alpha
- codimd operator alpha
- proposed release name - Ada Lovelace
- 1st of January
- graduate nextcloud operator to stable
- 1st of May
- graduate the documentation of to stable
- graduate rocketchat operator to beta
- graduate discourse operator to beta
- graduate Nextcloud operator to stable
- graduate RocketChat operator to stable
- graduate discourse operator to stable
- graduate codimd operator to beta
- proposed release name - Voltairine de Cleyre
- 1st of November
- proposed release name - ...
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